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7 Reasons to Use Premium Storage for Your Classic Car

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Your car is a treasured possession, and a valuable asset that has unique needs. We believe all cars would benefit from premium storage, but with a classic car, the need to maintain the car’s value is much more significant. Older surfaces are more susceptible to damage and lack of appropriate care. Costs of repair are much more significant and replacement items may be impossible. We encourage you to consider these seven reasons to use premium storage for your classic car to keep it in pristine condition and ready to drive for pleasure or display to the envy of others at a car show. 

1. Out of the Elements

Rain, hail, and hurricanes can devastate your automobile, especially a classic car. Humidity can wreak havoc on the chrome and other bright work, and other surfaces of your car inside and out. Regular or traditional storage facilities are not equipped to completely protect your car from these forces of destruction and damage. Premium auto storage facilities are climate controlled, and that includes our Texas sized 75% humidity. Your classic car should be stored in 30-50% humidity, which only a state-of-the-art classic car storage facility will take pains to achieve.

2. Out of the Sun

It’s no secret or surprise that we have a lot of sun in Houston, Texas. The UV rays of our 204 sunny days can crack your dashboard, fade your upholstery, damage the weather stripping, and even fry the electrical components under the dash or floorboards. It will also fade your paint. Any of these could prove costly repairs for your classic car and may decrease its value. A luxury car storage facility will make sure that your car does not have any sun exposure – except while you’re driving it.

3. Space

You may look for classic car storage because you’ve run out of space in your own garage. A regular self-storage facility will not have a lot more space than you do for your classic car collection. These facilities may have a few bays here and there, but if your collection is extensive, most will not have space for all of them, and possibly not be able to store them near each other. A premium vehicle storage facility will house your entire collection in one convenient location.

4. Security

All storage facilities will provide some security, but will it be enough for your classic car? Maybe not. Classic automobile owners need more than just security cameras, although those are important. Many facilities only have people on site during business hours, and these are office people not trained security personnel. Premium facilities will have on-site security guards 24/7, not just during business hours. Their security camera will also be HD, so any potentially nefarious activity can be dealt with swiftly before they come near your car.

5. Inspections

A dusty car may be a damaged car. Insects and rodents can wreak havoc with upholstery, wires, convertible tops, and more. Traditional storage units offer minimal protection from these elements of destruction. Rodents, cats and possums actually are drawn to these unmanaged storage buildings for shelter.  Plus, your car is locked out of sight from everyone, even the staff of the facility. No one can inspect your car for any issues that may cause problems for you eventually. A luxury auto storage facility will inspect every car at regular intervals. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, they will alert you and help you address the issue before it’s done any lasting damage. They will also provide an insect and rodent free environment, so those pests need never be a concern. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your car is well looked after and remaining in good condition.

6. Pick up and drop off

Regular vehicle storage will require you to unlock your bay and get your car out. Or, they may have a large indoor storage facility like a large parking garage, but you only have access during hours that are convenient for them. Elite storage facilities will have valet pick up and drop off during business hours, but will also have a way for you to pick up and drop off your car at other times as well. If you’re a weekend road warrior, or like to go on that Sunday drive, then make sure you can have access to your car when you want it and not only when it works for someone else.

7. Concierge maintenance services

Run of the mill storage, even good auto storage, will only store your car. You will still have to take time out of your busy schedule to maintain your classic car. And if you’ve left it too long? Well, you might have a dead battery or issues with the fluids resulting from your car sitting still. The best premiere classic car storage facilities offer concierge maintenance services. This includes battery conditioning, frequent starting of your car and checking fluids. Exceptional places will also offer other maintenance for your car, such as tire rotation, windshield wiper blade replacements, and head and tail light bulb replacements.

We hope you’ve found these seven reasons to use premium storage for your classic car helpful. And we hope your car provides you with many more decades of pleasure and delight. Here at the Car Asylum, we love classic cars and want yours to be cared for in the best way possible. You can read about many of the services that we offer here. We’re Houston’s premiere elite luxury and classic car storage facility and event venue. We hope you stop by to check out all we offer you.

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