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What Should You Expect from Classic and Exotic Car Storage?

What Should You Expect from Classic and Exotic Car Storage

It may sound cliche, but not all storage facilities are the same. From climate-controlled environments to premium security to safe and convenient concierge access, car enthusiasts should consider some special considerations when comparing and choosing a car storage facility for your prized automobile. 

Climate Controlled Classic Car Stoage in Houston

Is The Classic, Exotic & Collector Car Storage Facility Climate Controlled?

It’s safe to say you’ve invested significantly in your automobile. If it’s an exotic car, there may be specific instructions from the manufacturer to keep it in optimal running condition and ensure its resale value remains high. If it’s a classic car or restomod, you’ll want to be sure that it’s protected from the elements like sun and wind, but also be sure that it’s not exposed to extreme heat, which can prematurely age the interior and soft trim components. 

Classic collector car owners might be lulled into considering a traditional self-storage facility that labels itself climate controlled, but make no mistake; it’s not optimized for automobiles, and the climate is subject to fluctuations because of other storage units moving in and out of the facility. They only say they won’t let the temperature go over a certain temperature. They are not obligated to ensure the car is in optimal condition.

The Asylum was designed for Classic Car Storage with Houston’s climate in mind. Its state-of-the-art HVAC system keeps classic cars cool and comfortable year-round. With onsite staff 24/7, we’re constantly monitoring the systems and how your car is affected, ensuring your investment is protected.

secure exotic car storage

Classic Car Storage Requires The Highest Levels of Security

Does the classic car storage facility have 24/7 gated security, with access restricted to car owners and their approved list of people? Don’t trust your car to a generic warehouse or a company that doubles as a repair facility. Consider who is allowed to come and go from the facility as a vendor. Some garages actually outsource their detailing, housekeeping, and maintenance services to third-party outside companies, potentially exposing your auto to unknown persons with risky levels of access to your prized possession. 

The Asylum restricts vendor entry to its own staff or companies you’ve requested to have access to your car, such as a mobile mechanic. We own the entirety of our 71,000-square-foot facility, and it’s completely gated with access via a controlled gate. 

Concierge Pick up and Drop Off Inside Gated Access

Auto storage facilities can vary widely regarding where and how you can safely access your auto. Rather than sketchy back alleys and openly exposed parking lots, consider being met by a concierge inside a gated compound. Your freshly washed car is ready, you’re handed the keys, and you drive away to enjoy your ride. When you return, you’re met at the security gate and directed to drop off under a protected canopy, where your concierge does a quick inspection, uploading the video walk-through to your account. 

Camera surveillance, flood protection, and fire detection

Owning an investment automobile comes with a higher level of scrutiny than the average owner. Does the auto storage facility own their building or rent it? If they rent, they may not be able to offer the fullest options for your peace of mind, like 24/7 monitoring from 4K HD cameras strategically placed to see every possible access point. The building might not have fire detection and sprinkler systems to protect the cars. The building might not be above the floodplain. Asking these questions before you commit to a car storage contract could save you time and money later.

Car Enthusiasts Should Expect Nothing Less For Their Classic, Exotic, or Sportscar Storage

 By asking the right questions, every owner of a premier vehicle can make the right decision about their storage needs. Car Asylum team members are happy to help navigate your choices to make the best one for your needs. We’re confident that our facility will exceed your expectations. 

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