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Houston's Elite Automobile Storage and Lounge


For Discerning Owners

The concept of the Asylum is simple. To store and care for classic and exotic cars as their owners would, and provide a luxurious space for owners and guests. 

 With just 400 spaces, membership is limited. 

 If you have an exotic or classic car you’re welcome to apply. Schedule a VIP tour today.

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Featured Testimonials

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We take great pride in our customers and their words speak volumes.

Ed and his crew run a top notch production here in Houston.  His attention to detail and customer service is phenomenal.  I run a detailing business and local car club.  Everyone that has dealt with this organization has the same feedback, top shelf, 5 star service and a pleasure to work with. – Gilbert Sustache, Jr.

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” Attention to detail and customer service are both exceptional and personable. Treats each client as if the vehicles are his own.. “

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” Top notch facility. Very professional staff. The owner is a car enthusiast as well. “

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” Excellent secure facility. Best in the Houston area by far. Highly recommended.”

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” Amazing experience and great customer service I’m telling now you can’t beat this hospitality anywhere else! “

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” This is the bank vault equivalent for cars! “

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” Looking forward to a high end storage facility opening in Houston. Can’t wait to get my 47 Dodge truck the lodging it deserves! “

Events and meetings

The Lounge


Members enjoy access to over 9000 square feet of space and exclusive invites to events, concerts, and galas. 



$ 400 Monthly
  • Valet parking at drop off and pick up. (Regular hours)
  • Battery Tender (if your car has an outlet)


$ 500 Monthly
  • Valet parking at drop off and pick up. (Regular hours)
  • Self-drop off and pick up (after hours)
  • Battery Tender (if your car has an outlet)
  • Weekly Car Wash at Pickup
  • Inspection & Car Start Each Week
  • VIP Private Event Access

We offer parking and storage for discerning automobile owners in a climate-controlled, ninety-thousand square foot facility, which includes a state-of-the-art gated access system, fire protection, 24-hour onsite security personnel, remote monitoring HD security cameras, and sits four feet above the 500-year floodplain. 

Members receive on-demand access, visual and video valet check-in, concierge maintenance services, and access to our over 9000 square feet lounge. 

We allow two drivers on your account at any one time to limit security concerns. All drivers must have their photo ID on file. We will verify their photo ID when they arrive to pick up or drop off your car. You can update your list of authorized drivers here:

Our facility is entirely fenced, with 24/7 security personnel on the premises. Multiple HD cameras are recording inside and out, and a gated access system.

Let us know two hours in advance of your expected arrival by using the form located here:

On the form, you can indicate if you want to have the car washed or lightly serviced before arrival. If you’re leaving another vehicle with us while you drive your contracted auto, we’ll park that for you until you return. Before arrival, we’ll do a quick video walk-around of the car and upload that to your account. You can view those at your convenience via

If you’re arriving during normal business hours, we’ll happily check you in when you arrive — no need to let us know in advance. 

If you’ve left another car with us, our valets will pull it around for you, and you’re on your way. 

If you’re dropping off after normal business hours, simply tell us via this form: so that we can update onsite security and ensure that you’re not delayed. 

If you’ve left a car with us, tell us on the form, and our valets will have it ready for you. If you’re planning on having Uber or Lyft pick you up, let us know so security will be prepared.

For all drop-offs, once you come through security and arrive at the valet stand, one of our concierge attendants will check you in and perform another video walk-around of your automobile. We then upload the video to your account here:

Our business office is open from 9 am-5 pm, Monday – Friday. We offer customer service via phone, email, and website chat.

Some of our promotional deals may require a commitment term, but we do not have a cancellation penalty for full month-to-month subscriptions. Our service agreements are month-to-month. We do not prorate and simply require that you advise us that you intend to vacate your spot with 30 days notice. You can do that online via

We would love to continue to store and care for your automobile and can transfer your account to the new owner with an updated contract. If they wish to move the auto, then just cancel the subscription via our website, bearing in mind any promotional commitments that may be in effect. If the new owner is picking up the automobile, be sure and update your authorized users.

There are no refunds for unused services. If you wish to cancel, please be aware of any time-based commitments and simply cancel via our website and make arrangements to vacate the spot before the end of the month.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, and Google Pay. Your payment information is encrypted and secure. Staff cannot access or see your encrypted information. You can change or remove your billing information via your account portal anytime. We will promptly delete or remove any data per our privacy policy here:

As an authorized dealer for NOCO, we offer maintainers and sell them if needed for home use. Our subscriptions include starting the car each month.

Each month we ensure that your automobile is started, and our subscriptions include two hand washes per month before pickup. 

Should your automobile need more service, we are happy to refer you to specialized mechanics, including mobile mechanics, that we trust to come onsite.

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30k sqft Auto Restoration Facility 9.5k sqft service center 9.5k sft lounge

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