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Guarded, Monitored, Climate Controlled Automobile Storage in Houston

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The Asylum is Houston’s Elite Storage Facility for discerning car collectors and enthusiasts wanting concierge level service in the most modern facility in Houston. 

Rather than traditional indoor storage units for vehicles, Houston’s elite car owners now have luxury auto storage options, with over 177,000 ft of secured gated space, including 132,000 ft of interior climate controlled space, with 97,000 square feet dedicated to autos, and the rest for events and meetings. 

Don’t just rent car garage space, join a community of other enthusiasts at any of our members only exclusive events. We’re taking luxury vehicle storage to another level and are your home away from home for the car enthusiast.

The same people who brought you RELIC (formerly known as Classic Cars of Houston) bring The Car Asylum to you, so you know we know how to take the best care of your car possible. 

There is no one more qualified to store and care for your luxury auto than us in our new state-of-the-art facility. If you’re storing one car or many, we have everything you’ve wanted for your valuable collection.

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE:” Looking forward to a high end storage facility opening in Houston. Can’t wait to get my 47 Dodge truck the lodging it deserves!“

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Storage for Luxury Cars in Houston is Now Available

We offer parking and storage for elite automobile owners, in a climate-controlled, adjust as needed, ninety-thousand square foot facility, which includes:

  •  a state-of-the-art gated access system
  • fire protection
  • 24-hour onsite security personnel
  • remote monitoring HD security cameras
  • and all our car storage spaces sit four feet above the 500-year floodplain. 

More than just car parking, members receive on-demand access, visual and video valet check-in, and access to concierge maintenance services in our 9500 square feet service station, as well as access to our over 9500 square feet mezzanine lounge. 

We entirely fenced our facility, with 24/7 security personnel on the premises. There are multiple HD cameras recording inside and out, and a gated access system.

Our 9500 square foot service center is on site, so we can provide your car with the maintenance it requires, or the updates you desire. Staffed with experts in classic, custom, and exotic cars, as well as late model luxury vehicles, your investment and collection are safe with us and the cars won’t even need to leave the site to be ready for your use whenever you want it. 

Use our app to view the inspection videos of your car and schedule services and pick up and drop offs. We’ve simplified your life so you can maximize your enjoyment of your car or collection.

What to Look for in Exotic Car Storage Facilities

You have several key considerations for secure vehicle storage for your exotic car. Security, environment, ease of access, and maintenance options. Your collector car is a significant asset and you need to know that your car will be safe from natural and human elements that would decrease its value. 

Indoor parking storage is key, as is climate controlled automobile storage space. On-site security guards provide the best security 24/7, as do multiple HD security cameras. You should keep your custom car in a dust-free environment and it should be washed and started regularly. You shouldn’t keep it in just a rental car garage. 

Unless you don’t plan on driving your car, and only need a long-term vehicle storage facility, you’ll want to have easy access to it so you can drive it, or show it off whenever you please. A private car garage provides additional security and comfort that only those with access are near your custom car.

The Asylum has monthly vehicle storage options with certified technicians on hand for light maintenance services such as oil changes, fluid checks, and windshield wiper replacements to keep your car ready to drive and you out of maintenance shops for minor issues. 

Not just a luxury car garage storage facility, we are also an authorized dealer for NOCO and we offer battery maintainers. We can also sell you one for home use if you need it. We will also start your car once a month for silver members and once a week for our gold members.

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE: ”Amazing experience and great customer service I’m telling now you can’t beat this hospitality anywhere else! “

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A Luxury Car Storage Checklist

Use this checklist in your search for the best option for storage of your classic car collection, luxury car collection, or business vehicle fleet. 

  • Security provided
    • cameras
    • live security guards
    • when are people on the premises
    • inspections
    • video inspections on drop off and pick up
  • Environment
    • climate controlled temperature control
    • humidity control
    • dust free
  • Ease of Access
    • 24/7 Access with advance notice
    • valet services
    • off hours pick up or drop off
  • Service
    • engine start frequency
    • battery conditioning 
    • oil change
    • fluid check
    • tire rotation
    • windshield wiper replacement
    • headlight and taillight bulb replacement
    • ceramic coating
    • film protection
    • Tinting
    • Routine maintenance 
  • Community
    • Lounge
    • Event Invites
    • Venue Rental, including catering options and full-bar setups

Of course, the Car Asylum ticks every item on that list. All the above are important in a luxury car storage facility, so we’ve intentionally designed our facility to meet and exceed every point, with more amenities to be added as our business grows and we get to know our new members.

But don’t take our word for us, see what others are saying here.

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What not to choose for your Houston Car Storage needs and why:

In your search for Houston car storage for rent, you are bound to come across the following ideas, often by those selling such services. We’ll give you the upsides and the downsides so you can make an informed decision and one that suits your needs the best. We love cars, and want yours to be cared for in the best way possible, and we would be in error if we didn’t give you all your choices if you’ve run out of storage at home, or are looking into more desirable options for your collection. Any collection should be able to be enjoyed, and your car collection is no different. 

1. Parking lots are your worst option

If a private parking lot comes up in your search, you’ll clearly see that these provide the least amount of security and protection for your car, apart from parking it on the street. These spaces are typically uncovered, leaving your car out in all elements and vulnerable to rain, hail, hurricanes, and floods. All of which might wreak havoc on your car and cause permanent damage. 

They may provide some security with a fence with gated entry, and some security cameras, but this is woefully lacking and would still allow vandals and thieves more access than you’d want. This would be our absolute last choice for any luxury vehicle. But, they are an option, and are spacious, so we are including them here.

2. Why You Shouldn’t Choose Traditional Enclosed Storage Units for Your Exotic Car

You’ve been searching for “garage storage rental near me”, “car storage units for rent near me”, or maybe “parking lot storage near me” and you’ve landed here. We would be remiss if we didn’t make sure you understood the pros and cons of many of the options you’re searching for.

You’re likely familiar with storage facilities for everything from random household goods, to spare merchandise, to everything else you can think of, even car parking. These storage units provide some security and protection for your goods from the worst weather events. If you are thinking of using one of these for car parking, reconsider.

A search for “storage unit Houston” or even “indoor car storage Houston” might give you lists of these types of indoor vehicle storage units. But, though garage storage for rent is a tempting idea, these types of storage facilities do not provide any climate control. Your car will be exposed to the variance in temperatures and worse humidity, which is a significant consideration in Houston, TX. Inside these metal buildings, temperature variations are exaggerated as they become oven-like in the heat and sun. Not really optimal storage conditions for anything, especially not something as valuable as your classic car.

Traditional enclosed storage units are secured but do not provide the level of security that a vehicle storage space will, as the value of the items typically stored in such places are not typically in the same league as your exotic car. They do not monitor the interior of these units, so if a leak develops, or dust accumulates, you won’t know until you arrive. These storage units also have no protection for insects, rodents, or other vermin. They are a place to store a car, but provide a few other amenities.

If you’re looking for boat storage or RV storage, then these might be a good fit, but you can see that these storage units do not provide the level of protection that your custom car requires maintaining its value. And, you’ll have to spend your time maintaining your car instead of enjoying it, as they do not design such storage facilities as storage for a vehicle, so they don’t have the staff on hand to provide basic car maintenance. While you might think to store a car in a storage unit to keep your car storage cost per month down, this comes at a cost in other ways, and may prove more costly in the long run if your indoor vehicle storage creates unanticipated and potentially devastating damage to your car.

3. Climate Controlled Storage Units might be popular, but they’re not designed for Classic Cars

Climate controlled storage units in Houston provide increased protection from the traditional storage unit for your household goods and for car parking and indoor vehicle storage. And they are a popular indoor car storage choice because of the addition of climate control. However, they are not designed for classic cars and therefore have some significant downsides you should consider.

The typical value of the items stored in this kind of storage unit is, again, much less than the value of your classic car, and therefore, the security is not as tight as would be wise. Though gated, they do not always have a security guard on the premises at all times. Some have on-site managers present during business hours, but these are not likely to be trained security personnel. And, trained 24 hour security guards are the best deterrent to theft and vandalism.

Climate controlled units are typically better protected against insects and rodents, so that’s a plus in their favor, but no one has access to your car but you. While this may seem like a plus for a vehicle storage unit, the downside is that no one can inspect or monitor your vehicle while it is in storage. No one can start your car for you regularly if your car is in indoor vehicle storage for any length of time, such as if you are using it for car storage for winter. This means that your car will probably require more maintenance by you before you can drive it, if the battery and fluids are still in working order at all. 

While climate controlled units are indoor vehicle parking storage, they aren’t the best automobile storage facilities. They aren’t designed to provide for the needs of classic or custom cars and their collectors, such as electrical outlets for battery maintainers. If you’ve invested in a classic, custom, or exotic car, you want to protect that investment in the best possible way, as well as be able to enjoy your car when you want to. For that, you need storage facilities for vehicles.

4. Car Condos are closer but still not your best option

A car condo may also come up in your search for a car garage for rent, and is closer to the mark. These are often near race tracks or far outside beltway 8, and like a regular condo, are owned or rented storage units for vehicles. The facilities often also have other amenities such as a pool and clubhouse, just like a condo that you would live in might have. These are high-end indoor vehicle storage and are designed for that use. 

They are often in gated community type arrangements and allow you to decorate your space. This is a more luxurious answer to the traditional storage, and a climate controlled storage space, but still does not provide all the amenities of a luxury auto storage facility. There is no one to assist you with maintenance and washing of your cars in house. They provide a lovely shell and access to common areas, but you are still responsible for caring for your vehicle without their help. 

Some are near or next to a racing track, so this may incline them to your favor if you like to race your car and want easy access to the track or other venue, depending on the facility and its proximity to your preferred venue. And we recognize you may prefer to do the maintenance of your vehicle yourself. We prefer to be driving or chatting with other car enthusiasts in our free time, not changing the oil or rotating the tires, but if that’s your thing, then the lack of service facilities may not be a downside for you.

5. Texas Collector Car Storage is our best pick for your car collection storage needs

If you want to rent auto storage that provides so much more than just indoor vehicle storage, consider luxury or collector car storage solutions. These facilities cater to custom and exotic cars and luxury or classic collector cars and often provide amenities such as starting your car periodically so that it remains in ready to drive condition. 

When you’re considering a collector car’s storage, you want to be sure that the facility knows how to take care of your car the way that you would, or better. Do they provide inspections regularly to ensure that your car remains in pristine condition? Do they provide services such as detailing, film protection, or tinting? Do they provide light maintenance? Do they provide battery conditioning?

If you’re looking for elite Houston car storage facilities, the Asylum offers concierge storage and services to make it convenient to retrieve your luxury car and come and go at will. We also provide light maintenance with regular start-ups and inspections for your cars. We provide valet pick up and drop off services with a hand wash prior to pick up depending on the package you select, so you spend your time enjoying your car and not doing all those tedious but necessary tasks. Not only is your car safe in our hands, but we also offer ceramic coating, paint protection film, ppf film protection, and tinting, so your car is in better condition after its time with us than it was before, preserving and enhancing your investment. 

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Motorcar Storage Solutions for Every Collector

You may be searching for a Houston storage unit for a car to protect an heirloom classic car you don’t have adequate storage at home for. Or you may have an extensive collection of exotic and custom cars and have run out of room at home. You may be considering a warehouse for car storage. We’re pleased to bring you the Car Asylum, which has the space, the services, and the custom packages to suit your needs. We also have commercial vehicle storage plans and packages for your business’ fleet of cars, vans, or trucks. Maybe you’re in the military and need to store your pride and joy in long-term auto storage while you’re deployed and want it to be in ready to drive showman condition when you get home. There is no Houston auto storage facility that will take better care of your collection than the Car Asylum.

The Car Asylum offers climate and temperature controlled car storage for luxury, classic, custom, and exotic cars of all varieties. We are experts, and your collection will be in the best hands possible if you entrust us with it. 

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE: ” Excellent secure facility. Best in the Houston area by far. Highly recommended.”

How Classic Car Owners Can Know Their Car is in Good Hands in a Car Storage Space

If you are considering other classic car storage options, consider their knowledge of and experience with the vehicles you want to store. Do they offer services such as oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, windshield wiper blade replacements, and headlight and taillight bulb replacements? Do they have trusted partners for more extensive service needs? Do they routinely work with and store other vehicles of similar or greater value to yours? 

Don’t just look for a one-car garage for rent or parking garage storage, consider the other amenities that you’ll need and want for you and for your car. Do they offer ceramic coating or paint protection film protection so your paint job remains pristine? Do they provide window tinting to keep you cooler and preserve your interior when you’re out driving in the hot Texas sun?

The Car Asylum is brought to you by Jeff Pate, the creator and driving force of the award-winning and world famous RELIC (formerly known as Classic Cars of Houston). Everyone involved in RELIC and the Car Asylum know classic and custom cars from the inside out and take care of your car as if it were their own. You know your classic car is going to be in expert hands in our storage space and with our services.

We provide engine starts for all our members and routine inspections. Our on-site service center provides all the routine maintenance you’ll need. We provide the upgrades such as ceramic and film coatings to keep your car looking fabulous for decades to come. 

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE: ” This is the bank vault equivalent for cars! “


Best car storage in Houston, TX

The Car Asylum is the premiere Houston automobile storage facility. Rather than traditional indoor storage units for vehicles, Houston’s elite car owners now have luxury auto storage options, with over 97000 square feet of secure, gated space. Don’t just rent car garage space, join a community of other enthusiasts at any of our members only exclusive events. We’re taking luxury vehicle storage to another level and are your home away from home for the car enthusiast.

We offer parking and storage for elite automobile owners, in a climate-controlled, ninety-thousand square foot facility, which includes a state-of-the-art gated access system, fire protection, 24-hour onsite security personnel, remote monitoring HD security cameras, and all our car storage spaces sit four feet above the 500-year floodplain. 

More than just car parking, members receive on-demand access, visual and video valet check-in, and access to concierge maintenance services, as well as access to our over 9000 square feet lounge. We entirely fenced our facility, with 24/7 security personnel on the premises. There are multiple HD cameras recording inside and out, and a gated access system.

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE: ”Top notch facility. Very professional staff. The owner is a car enthusiast as well.”

Rates & Packages for Houston Car Storage to Protect Your Custom Car

Car Asylum offers 2 car storage price packages to fit your needs. Our silver level gives you valet access to your cars during our generous regular hours and a battery tender if your space has an outlet. Our gold level gives you everything our silver level gives you and additionally allows you to self drop off and pick up after our regular hours, weekly car wash at pick up, weekly car start and inspection and VIP event access. We also provide short-term storage options, payment discounts, multi-car discounts, and motorcycle storage. You’ll find our car storage rates are very fair and provide excellent value to you.

Besides these two single car storage options, we also can provide you a custom multi-car quote perfect for your needs. We can accommodate your short term or long-term parking storage needs.

TESTIMONIAL QUOTE: “Ed and his crew run a top-notch production here in Houston. His attention to detail and customer service is phenomenal. I run a detailing business and local car club.  Everyone that has dealt with this organization has the same feedback, top shelf, 5 star service and a pleasure to work with.” – Gilbert Sustache, Jr.

Bonus Benefit

Another excellent benefit to your membership with the Car Asylum is that we have professional photographers and videographers who will capture your prize possession(s) in all their glory. You can choose a cinematic style beauty video or dozens of high quality photography stills for however you plan to use them. You’ll always be able to pull out your phone or device and show off your collection in its best possible light. Not only with other collectors be envious of your collection, they’ll also be jealous of how you’re able to show it off even from a distance. Well, excluding the other members of the Car Asylum, that is. You’ll have to settle for just the car envy with them, as they’ll also have their own fabulous videos and photos of their cars. But you will get to enjoy their photos and videos more.

What better way to showcase your collection as you protect it could there be?

Your Home Away From Home for the Car Enthusiast 

What better way to enjoy your investment in a classic car, custom automobile, collector car, or exotic car than to join a community of other like-minded car enthusiasts? Not only does the Car Asylum provide the ultimate in luxury automobile storage facilities, we also have a 9500 square feet mezzanine lounge for events and gatherings for our members. Share your expertise and gain from the others in the room at our premiere events. 

Don’t just store your car, or your collection of cars, join our community and take part in the full schedule of events we have planned that you’ll not want to miss. Our events are sure to be the talk of the town and the room to be in where big things happen.

As you can see, there is no place better to store your car with our top tier security, concierge services, light maintenance services, detailing services, film protection and tinting, ceramic coating, professional photo and videography, and members only events. This is the place to be, and the place to be seen. Don’t delay, contact us, or subscribe now before we’re full.


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