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Budget Vs. Luxury Car Storage

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Classic and exotic car owners have different needs to ensure their autos hold their resale value and are kept in premium condition. All cars benefit from proper storage to maintain their value and useability, but luxury and classic cars require more expert handling.

Here are key differentiators between budget and luxury car storage and why it matters.

Budget car storage options

There are several basic car storage options you might wish to consider if you don’t have your own garage, or you have more cars than your garage can hold. The car storage options below are more affordable car storage but they have some downsides. These would be best for everyday cars — not collector, vintage, or exotic cars.

1. Carport

A carport offers some protection from the sun and weather. It provides basic covering for your car. While not adequate for car storage long term, it provides easy access and can be installed on your property. A carport needs to be anchored to the ground securely.

Carports do not offer any climate control other than keeping your car out of the sun and weather. They do not provide security from theft and can be an issue in areas with high winds. Carports are better than no protection at all, but there are more secure options available.

2. Portable garage

A portable garage is constructed a bit like a tent, but with a more sturdy frame. These are inexpensive, and may cost less than a carport. They may be problematic in areas of high winds or snow. They also need to be anchored to the ground so they do not blow away in a storm, and potentially cause damage to your car or other property as they do so.

A portable garage offers more protection from the weather than a carport and because it covers your car completely, it can conceal your vehicle from potential thieves. A portable garage does not offer protection from humidity and minimal protections from theft or vandalism. It also will not protect your car from insects, mice, or other vermin which may cause devastating damage to your car. A portable garage will not likely have a way to provide affordable electric services for battery conditioners or dehumidifiers, either. A step up from a carport, but read on for more secure options.

3. Garage parking spaces

These car storage spaces are a public garage parking option and are often underground in large cities. These are often self-storage units or at the least self-serve. A garage storage environment is an alternative location and has more security than a carport or portable garage. These options are popular for commuter cars or those for household use, and if covered, offer better protection from the elements. Check with the company providing this service on security and safety for your car.

The above three options are more suitable for regular cars, not for luxury, classic, or collectible cars. The level of protection for those cars to protect your investment in them warrants more secure storage and protection from the elements, insects, vermin, and thieves.

Budget vs Luxury car storage – where does your money go?

Where you choose to store your car, who is storing it for you and what they offer, will determine if your money goes towards the garage’s services or maintenance, or the structure itself. You get what you pay for in security and protection with these storage options, so consider them carefully.

Carports and portable garages are out of pocket and onetime expenses, although they may require maintenance and replacement periodically. You may also have home owner association rules or city codes that govern their use and placement on your property. You will also need to consider the insurance for the structure as well as what you store within it.

Public garages are typically cheaper than private garages. That said, some public garages may charge more for specific types of cars (newer, luxury) that require additional care and protection. Public garage parking spaces have fees for car storage, but rarely have any additional services and protections that you may require for a collector, exotic, classic, or luxury car collection. 

For upscale car storage, your money goes for expert services and an alternative location with more space for your expanding collection. They provide vetted services providers for valet parking and drop-off services. They maintain their car storage spaces in climate controlled comfort and cleanliness. This level of service is more expensive, but is well worth it to provide the level of protection that your investment in your classic collectible or luxury car deserves. 

Classic, Exotic, and Vintage Car & VIP Services +

A truly exceptional company will offer their clientele benefits beyond superlative car storage, such as event access, connections to like-minded individuals, and access to knowledge within and without their organization. If you want to store your car at a facility that will treat it as if it were their own, then look into these in a luxury car storage facility.

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Accessible car storage

Often luxury, classic, and vintage car storage options include valet parking and drop-off services. They will offer battery conditioning and routine engine keeping your car in ready to drive condition. They may have regular hours for the valet, but should have systems in place for after hours pick up and drop off so you can have access to your car when you want it. 

If you alert your car storage facility of your desired time of pickup, they should can hand wash, dry, and detail your car so it’s showroom perfect every time. Not only does this provide an enjoyable experience for your use, but it also helps to protect your investment against the damage that dirt and grime can do. 

Easy access experience

Not only will these exceptional luxury car storage facilities take fabulous care of your cars, but they will also have systems in place so that your experience as an owner and collector is smooth and easy. Apps for checking in and out and scheduling maintenance make those tasks as easy for you as a tap of a screen. Online accounts make managing verified drivers, and the inspections mentioned earlier easy to change and access. 

Basic maintenance

Basic light maintenance may be included and the best facilities will also have mobile mechanics who are trusted to enter the facility and provide any extra maintenance your car needs. The concierge services will work out all the details for you and communicate with you so you know your car is in the best hands.

For the new electric cars, they will have a battery tender for your car so that it can be fully charged for your use at a moment’s notice. This would require that your parking space have an outlet, but the top tier company will have planned for this and have many such spaces available for your use.

Improve your car’s condition

For the ultimate in services, the very best companies will offer you services that not only maintain your luxury or classic car at the peak of perfection, but will improve its condition. Such services include clear film technology paint protection film (PPF) to protect your car from rock chips and wear when you’re driving your car. A nano ceramic coating penetrates microscopic imperfections in your automotive paint and provides a layer of protection nearly as strong as solid quartz! 

Long-term storage options and considerations

For longer term storage, excellent companies will start your car regularly, and provide inspections to reassure you of the perfect condition of your car. The best places will do video inspections upon pickup and delivery of your vehicle and provide you with those videos for your record. 

Events and Community

Car storage facilities are a great place to meet with other enthusiasts and talk about your hobby, and car culture. Everyone loves to meet with other enthusiasts and talk about their mutual love for their hobby. What better way to do that than at a luxurious event sponsored by the company who also provides your car storage solutions? Not only would you be able to talk with like-minded individuals, but you can also show off your well-earned trophy collection at the same time if the event is held where your collection is stored. You can chat with other collectors. You can share your knowledge and you can gain from the knowledge of others in the room. Such events are a unique opportunity that only the best car storage facilities with event centers can provide. 

You’re going to have the best luxury car storage experience with a facility that has these features!

The Delayed Costs of Improper Car Storage

Proper indoor storage will make sure that your car remains damage, dust, and dirt free, even when stored for many months or years. Climate control will avoid potentially devastating damage to tires, interiors, and trim.

Auto body repair costs are expensive. If a paint scratch has not been caused by something that can be repaired, repainted, or fixed with filler, it is best to have the paint professionally removed and replaced.

If you drive your car infrequently, and it isn’t started often, there could be damage to the battery or engine from lack of lubrication. Not only would this delay your ability to drive your car until these issues were addressed, it may decrease the value of your car. No one wants a lovely classic car that can’t go anywhere or do anything.

Consider all the above when you are considering your car storage options. What seems like the budget-friendly option may actually cost you more in the end if the value of your collectible car is diminished by damage caused by improper storage. Damage that is so easily prevented by storing your car in a facility designed to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

The Car Asylum offers all the services discussed in this article, and is your best option for protecting your luxury, classic, custom, and collectable car for long-term enjoyment and value. We invite you to contact us and become a member while there’s still space. With 71,000 square feet of storage space, we can well handle your entire collection. Our 9500 square feet lounge will be the place you come to connect with other enthusiasts and collectors. 

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