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5 Must-Haves for Car Collectors When Choosing a Storage Facility

You’re in Houston and you’ve run out of garage space. Your favorite car needs a safe home where you can access her just like you would your own garage, and you want to be sure it’s got everything you need to protect your investment. 

There are many car storage facilities to choose from and it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. To help you find the best car storage facility, we’ve put together this list of 5 must-haves to help you choose the right car storage facility.

1. Reputation

What do the reviews say? Your ideal car storage solution must have an excellent reputation with the collector car community, as well as current clients. The facility should employ other car specialists and enthusiasts with knowledge and expertise for a luxurious experience for you and your car. Ask yourself if the person running the business is also a car enthusiast and collector, so you know your classic collector car is in safe hands. 

2. Location of the car storage facility

Your ideal car storage facility should be in a convenient location so you can access your car 24/7 as safely as possible. Your car storage extra space isn’t much good if it’s too far away or inconvenient to get to. A location near you or somewhere you frequent will level up your car storage experience to an enjoyable way to manage your car collection.

The car storage facility should also be in a safe neighborhood and out of the danger of floods. If your region is prone to certain weather events, make sure the facility has sufficiently prepared for such events.

3. Environment conducive for long-term car storage

Your car storage facility should, at a minimum, provide clean and dry conditions. More desirable still is a consistent temperature and humidity control so your automobile’s vinyl, leather, rubber, oil, and other surfaces are not damaged. This is especially important for classic car storage. Classic and vintage vehicles benefit from climate controlled auto storage.

The luxury auto storage facility may also offer safety features such as sprinkler systems, fences, and other security systems. Top tier motorcar storage solutions will offer video surveillance and security personnel onsite.

4. Automobile Services

Car enthusiasts desire concierge storage for their classic collector cars. Such services should include detailing, which helps preserve the paint and exterior elements of your car and keep it in ready-to-drive condition. Many classic car storage facilities offer to start your cars at a regular frequency to keep your classic cars in perfect condition and ready to drive. A car storage facility should have knowledge about the needs of your luxury car and be able to provide or refer you appropriately.

5. Space

Another important consideration for a quality storage service is that you need to free up car storage extra space at home and increase your ability to indulge in your car collection. Car enthusiasts know well that cars take up many square feet each, and this limits the number of cars in your collection, and a classic car storage facility solves this problem.

A car storage facility with sufficient space will also be an excellent solution for businesses wanting to store a fleet of company vehicles and individual collectors. Consider your current needs and the ability to expand your collection with the car storage facility to ensure it will meet your needs. Perhaps the facility plans additional expansion so it will grow with you as your needs and that of other collectors increases.

You may also want this to be the place to go when you want to share stories with other like-minded enthusiasts, not just storage for your collector car hobby. Such a car storage facility may have event venues and auto storage facilities. This provides a place to gather as a community as well as a vehicle storage facility. The best of both worlds.

Car Asylum

Car Asylum is the premiere storage facility for your classic car collection with a stellar reputation, conveniently located just outside the 610 loop near I-69 in southwest Houston. Our state of the art climate controlled facility has on-site security personnel 24/7. We have concierge & VIP maintenance services for your convenience. Our 90,000 square foot facility has 400 spaces for your cars as well as a service station and mezzanine lounge for events and gatherings. This is one asylum you’ll never want to leave.

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